Bacon and Avocado Salad Bowl

Lettuce, mixed baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and cucumber with smoked streaky bacon, avocado

Bacon, Avocado and Tomato

Smoked streaky bacon, avocado and tomato with light mayo.

Baguette Platter

Mixture of meat and vegetarian baguettes.  Cut into thirds.  Minimum 4 people.

Brie and Grape (v)

Brie, grapes, baby salad leaves, mayo

Brie and Grape Wrap (v)

Brie, grape, mixed baby leaves, mayo

Brie Tasty

Smoked streaky bacon, brie, lettuce and mango chutney.

Brie Tasty Wrap

Smoked streaky bacon, brie, mango chutney and lettuce in a 12″ tortilla wrap

Buffet Cans

Assorted cans of drink.  Minimum 4 people.



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