Smoked streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato and light mayo.

Bacon, Avocado and Tomato

Smoked streaky bacon, avocado and tomato with light mayo.

Brie and Grape (v)

Brie, grapes, baby salad leaves, mayo

Brie Tasty

Smoked streaky bacon, brie, lettuce and mango chutney.

Cheese and Pickle (v)

Mature cheddar cheese with Branston pickle.

Chicken Mayo Salad

Sliced chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, cucumber and light mayonnaise.

Chicken Tikka

Succulent diced chicken breast in Tikka sauce, crispy salad and tangy shop-made yoghurt mint dressing.

Chicken, Sweetcorn and Mayo

Sliced chicken breast with sweetcorn and light mayonnaise.

Egg Mayo (v)

Freshly made and seasoned egg mayonnaise.

Egg Mayo Salad (v)

Freshly made and seasoned egg mayonnaise with cucumber, lettuce and tomato

Feast Club

Sliced chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce and light mayo.

Goats Cheese (v)

Goats cheese, rocket and red onion chutney



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