Duck Spring Rolls

Duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce.  Two per portion, minimum 4 people.

Egg Mayo (v)

Freshly made and seasoned egg mayonnaise.

Egg Mayo Salad (v)

Freshly made and seasoned egg mayonnaise with cucumber, lettuce and tomato

Feast Club

Sliced chicken breast, smoked streaky bacon, tomato, lettuce and light mayo.

Fruit Platter (v)

Mixed apples, bananas and grapes.  Minimum 4 people.

Goats Cheese (v)

Goats cheese, rocket and red onion chutney

Gourmet Lunch

Assorted sandwiches, mini pork pies with red onion chutney, duck spring rolls with hoisin sauce, mini quiches, pesto & mozzarella bruschetta, petit fours.  £7.50 per head, minimum 4 people.

Greek Pasta Salad

Wholewheat pasta with feta, olives, cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Ham and Cheese

Sliced ham with mature Cheddar cheese



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