Chicken Tikka

Succulent diced chicken breast in Tikka sauce, crispy salad and tangy shop-made yoghurt mint dressing.

Chicken Tikka Salad Bowl

Lettuce, mixed baby leaves, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and cucumber with shop-made chicken tikka

Chicken Tikka Wrap

Chicken in Tikka sauce, cucumber, iceberg lettuce and yoghurt mint dressing in a 12″ tortilla wrap

Chicken, Sweetcorn and Mayo

Sliced chicken breast with sweetcorn and light mayonnaise.

Christmas Buffet

Assorted sandwiches or wraps, mini pigs in blankets, duck spring rolls with hoi sin sauce, mozzarella sticks with cranberry sauce, mini quiches and luxury mince pies.  £8.00 per head, minimum 4 people.

Classic Lunch

Assorted sandwiches, sausage rolls, chicken goujons with sweet chilli dip, vegetable samosas, mini quiches.  £6.00 per head, minimum 4 people.

Classic Sandwich Platter

Mixture of meat and vegetarian sandwiches.  Cut into quarters.  Minimum 4 people.


Assorted flavours.  One packet per person, minimum 4 people.

Design Your Own Pasta

A wholewheat pasta base, you choose the extras…

Design Your Own Salad

Our salad base consists of iceberg lettuce, mixed baby leaves, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn.  You choose the extras…

Design Your Own Sandwich or Baguette

Design your own sandwich or baguette, just how you like it…



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